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Our Product
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We are seaweed manufacturing company in Malaysia aimed to produce quality Carrageenan powder. Our company’s vision is to be innovative: exploring all possibility in manufacturing and new ideas; development: always keep to research and develop on producing new items; and application: applying the gained knowledge in producing better products.

With all the advantages that we had, we deeply believe that we can produce top quality product for the market.  We will develop the exact product that you required. We hope that our carrageenan product will be your first choice and we look forward in collaborate with you.


We guarantee the pureness of our product and we assure the product is produced in the standard hygienic environment. We understand that this is an ongoing business and our R&D team will carry out studies to develop the latest technology to apply in our manufacturing procedure. We can design product that are specially blend for your need. If you are interested please contact us.


Seaweed has the benefits over the other biomass as it does not require pesticides or extensive land use. It can grow rapidly, easy to harvest, process and application.

Cultivating Quality and Sustainability

Explore our journey from seaweed farming to a state-of-the-art processing plant.

About Us

In the 90’s, the founder started seaweed farming and stayed on an island in east coast Sabah for years. After years of seaweed farming, the founder had foreseen the need of seaweed processing plant in Malaysia to stabilise the seaweed pricing, and retain the value of the seaweed.

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